Friday, January 1, 2016

Back for the New Year!

Happy New Year all! 
2015 has been busy for me - I closed the store (I talked about that before), I started working outside the home...
... and I haven't had time to crochet. 

Well, I'm changing that for 2016. I've written New Year's resolutions - yes, actually written - that are crochet related. I plan on making two hats and a blanket a month, as well as work on two CALs (crochet a-longs). I need to crochet more... I act like I don't have time, but I really do.
This also gives me something to blog about (also a resolution). I haven't blogged much because it's no reason to type about absolutely nothing. But now, I'll be busy creating, and you'll get to see my work! 

What am I working on? Well one of the CALs is a temperature blanket - and it seems as soon as I decided to share it with my group, 50 other people posted the same thing! Great (creative) minds think alike! 
The colors I'm using for my CAL

I still haven't figured out the pattern, and I have to add some reds after the orange, but that won't be until it's in the 80's, so I have some time. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share. It's going to be a great 2016.
Stay creative! 

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