Monday, November 3, 2014

I learned a new stitch! (Pattern included)

As a yarn shop owner, I purchase LOTS of yarn. I love getting samples of yarn to play with, and I love getting yarn from small farms or small yarn suppliers. Feels good to have something different in the shop that most shops can't get.
The yarn I purchased recently was from a small supplier. It was a recycled cotton sweater that someone patiently took apart and wrapped into a center-pull ball. Wonderful!

This is more true to color than the picture of finished product

I sat down, tried to figure out the perfect pattern worthy of this beautiful yarn, and on Ravelry I went. Searched, searched, and searched... couldn't find anything. Then, since I couldn't figure something out, I decided to look at stitches I never used.... and "ta-da!", the Pink Cloud Scarf was born!

Then I started working it... and after about 3 rows, I HATED the yarn! It's still soft, it's still beautiful, and I have a nice scarf, but the yarn! OH!!! It is made with 10 strings together... try crocheting without dropping one - it doesn't work! Also, since it is recycled, there were several places where either two, three, or all ten strings were tied together. There were even some areas where two or three strings were NOT tied... that was even more annoying! I finished working with it, and I do love my scarf. I was going to make a matching hat, but I can't even think to pick up the yarn again. 

What I did get out of this experience was the Pink Cloud Scarf Pattern! Now, it's VERY easy - it's only two stitches, one that I've never used before, but very easy. If you make this, PLEASE try not to use a recycled, stringy yarn. 

Pink Cloud Scarf
Advanced Beginner

Approx 300 yards ww yarn
N-9.00mm hook (I'm a Boye hook kind of girl)
No gauge required

Abbreviations (pattern uses US terms):
ch: chain
rep: repeat
dc: double crochet
blo: back loops only
st: stitch

Special stitch:
Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HBhdc)- yo, insert hook, yo, draw through st and first loop on hook, yo, draw through both loops on hook.
Here's a great video tutorial for Moogly (I LOVE that blog!)

Ch 132. You can add or decrease as you wish, but add two at the end, as this is the first stitch of the next row. 
Row 1 - HBhdc in 3rd loop from hook and each ch across. Ch 2, turn. 
Row 2 - 12 - HBhdc in blo of next st and each st across. Do not fasten off. 

Ch 3, turn. 3dc in each st across. Fasten off. Do the same for other side. Weave in edges. 

All done! Easy, peasy! 

Tell me what you think! And show me your finished product - with better yarn! 

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