Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm afraid of offending, but I feel like I was ripped off...

So it's been over a year since I picked my crochet hook up and started branching out past large granny square blankets for everyone. In branching out, I needed to start reading more patterns. I've learned so much, and am learning more and more every day - which is very exciting.
I see patterns for sale online, and sometimes when I look at the item, I feel I can do it myself. Then there are some patterns that I see that I REALLY have to spend the money for. Well... I THOUGHT I ran into one of those patterns.

I wanted to make a baby afghan that was a little different, and I saw some adorable ones with fabric on the other side. Adorable!! From the photo, the pattern on the crochet side of the blanket looked very intricate and like something I haven't done before. I started searching for a free version but couldn't find one. So I purchased it. $6.00 isn't too bad for a pattern that you really love, right?

Then I read it.

Single crochet with a large hook and more than one strand of yarn. Then sew the fabric to it.


Maybe it's just me... I mean, you CAN sell a pattern for whatever you want. And if people are going to buy it for the price you're selling it, then why not? I guess I want to give someone their money's worth. Hey, someone can say that I sell my items for too much....

Anyway - let me show you what I made - ironically, with a big granny square:

So now you know how to make a reversible blanket with fabric:
1. Purchase about one yard of fabric.
2. Purchase thread to match the fabric.
3. Make whatever blanket you want - as long as it's not wider than the fabric.
4. Sew the fabric (folding in the edges) to the blanket.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, and until next time!

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