Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm so excited!!

Out of 139 "likes" on Leslie's Crochet Creations, I finally found my winner! I used to add the names (minus my immediate family), hit the button to scramble them all, and viola - I have a winner!!

Congratulations to.....

Pastor Arthur Taylor!! Woohoo!!
You are the winner of a queen sized afghan, made by me!
So you all know, Pastor Taylor was my pastor when I lived in Philly. I love him and his family very much, and I hope they love my afghan!

I hope I don't see a mass exodus from my page now... because next month I'm giving away another afghan! Only stipulation - I cannot LOSE fans! 139 or more... Not the same size, but an afghan none the less. A nice throw for your chair - something to cuddle under on a cool night and watch tv.
Only stipulation - I cannot LOSE fans! 139 or more...

Be on the lookout - next drawing is 3/1/13!!

In other news:
($30 - Leslie's Crochet Creations)

This is the cute fireman outfit I made!! It's for the same couple that I gave the blanket to. They're going to get pictures of their boy in it soon, and I'll post them for you... 

Also, from the "Thank you, Pinterest" category:

This has to be the smartest idea ever!! Just a shoebox (some cute boots I have - and I have BIG FEET) - poke holes in it and thread your yarn through. This saves me from the tangled yarn I always end up fighting with... so this was a wonderful time saver! 

Anyway - back to the grind for me... I have to finish an afghan!

Until next time!

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