Monday, May 14, 2012

Jewelry: to make or not to make...

 I'm still debating. I like these, but they're a little large for me. I see others creating earrings, and I would love to add them to what I do, but I don't know if I have the patience for it... not like I have the patience for other things... but still. Plus, the work is a little small for my arthritic fingers...
They're made around rings - I can do free form rings, but I like the stiffer version - not the floppy things I've seen others wear. The girls in the group I'm in makes some beautiful earrings. Maybe I'll just purchase from them.
This pair is a little smaller. This was the first pair I made. I'm thinking I'll wear these this week, see the reaction I get.

Anywho - I'm still working on my blanket. LOTS of squares! I didn't like how the larger squares were turning out, so I changed them to a different granny. I can't wait to put them all together! Of course as soon as I do I'll post a picture.

How do you feel about the earrings?


  1. I like them both...but I'm feeling you on the arthritis!!! Never had Artha call my name until I started making these my lil pinky feels like it's on FIRE every morning when I get up...even when I haven't worked on anything in a few days!!! Either I'm gonna have to figure another way to hold this light thread or I'm going back to hats, etc... LOL

    1. I know!! I wish there was a better way. Trying to crochet in these little squares is ridiculous!