Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love buttons!

I have been finding the most adorable buttons! I'm so excited! This little buzzy little bee is perfect for the dress and diaper cover I made. I need to get more...
Picking the right accessory for the outfits is almost as important as the outfit itself. I know when I shop, I look at the snaps or buttons or other decorations... if they're not good, they throw the entire piece of clothing off. I also have to take into account WHO the item is for. Don't want anything that could harm a little one, or something that the owner is going to struggle with. The item will stay in the back of the closet if that happens... I don't want that.

I have mailed out several packages - scarves that were supposed to be mailed a while ago, 3 dresses, and a baby afghan. I hope your items get to you safely. Let me know if they don't.

Oh, what's that you say?
You didn't order anything?

What are you waiting for??? ;-)

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