Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm still here!

Working hard, crocheting harder... that's been my life the past couple of months. I've made several scarves - family holiday gifts - and didn't take pictures! Doesn't that suck? I was so busy trying to figure out who would get what that when the time came, I packed them all up and shipped them out... without any pictures. Kinda sad about that.

Anyway, I did take pictures of the cute little outfit I made yesterday. The dress is actually the newborn romper - I just didn't add the middle.
The booties - my first (yay!) - are these very cute 5-minute baby booties, which were ridiculously easy. I'm about to make several hat and bootie sets to have available for newborns.. They're THAT easy!
The hat was my own easy pattern. I did a cute sc scalloped edge on the dress and hat.

This set is going to one of my husband's coworkers. I hope she likes it.

I realized something about myself also... I really only like to make baby items. I want to make other stuff - legwarmers, sweaters, earrings - but I always get the most joy out of making baby items. So I have decided... instead of trying to force myself to finish an adult item, I'm going to be content with my baby gear. I'll perfect that. Then MAYBE, if I get the itch to make something more, I'll do it once in a while.

For now, for me - it's all about the babies.

If you need anything for a baby, let me know!! I'd love to make it!

Well... time to make more booties. :-)

Until next time!

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