Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where have I been??

July... that's the last time I've updated the blog. I'm going to try to do much better. 
Anyway, if you're not one of my FB friends, I wanted to show you what I've done and where I got the ideas from:

Hat and scarf I made for a male friend. I made mittens as well, but I didn't post them... I got the hat pattern from Ravelry. Click here for the pattern. The scarf pattern was from All Free Crochet. Click here for that pattern. 
I found that both the hat and scarf pattern works better with very soft yarn. I tried with with Red Heart Super Saver yarn... it works, but they are pretty stiff.

The dress and outfit was for a friend's baby. I unfortunately don't remember where I got each piece of the pattern from. After searching all over, I found the best yarn for it at Hobby Lobby. The color of the variegated yarn is a great girly autumn color. Most autumn colors are more for boys, but this one was perfect. 

This is the owl that almost wasn't. I had so much trouble putting the two balls together. First time I did it, it looked more like a peanut than an owl. I didn't follow a pattern for this, I just made two circles, made round pieces for the eyes and tummy (the black part of the eyes are buttons, and made narrower earflaps for the wings. I had trouble sewing ears onto the owl, so the ears (very small earflap triangles) became feet, and I made a bow by crocheting about 5 rows sc and wrapping a string around it. The beak... that gave me problems. I tried making the same triangle, but it just wasn't working for me. 
Now that I've made it, my daughter's friends also want animals. Don't know if I'm going to do this again... 

I'm still in hat and scarf mode. I made several hats, now I have to make scarves to go with them. Once I do, I'll post the pics. 

Until next time... 

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