Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yarn, bowls, classes, and goals...

... this is the name of my donation campaign.
I need help keeping my store open, and you all can help me! I have great incentives... check them out!

I have been struggling with the store - I know, I know, it takes a while for a new business to get started. BUT... without help, I'll close early... and lose money... LOTS of money...
So, please help.

I'm also having a HUGE sale!! In the store and online!!

The sale is on until all of the yarn is gone! I have to make room (and money) for new stock.

As far as items I'm working on and patterns I'm in love with right now: 
Lacy WrapAround Shawl

I love the versatility of this shawl! It's perfect for fall - and winter here in Charlotte

Simple yet beautiful skirt with great edging. 

I can't wait until I finish these projects. I'll show them off soon. 

Please check out my donation sight and my sale. 


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