Saturday, April 5, 2014

I just quit my job (and made a shawl)!

After almost 5 years of working for Habitat Charlotte - a great ministry - I decided I needed to move on and mainly focus on my future as an entrepreneur.

I am SO excited!!!

My store doesn't open until April 19th, so in my spare time, I get to crochet! This shawl is the Zinnia Flower Shawl (click for pattern) from the Fiber Flux Blog. I LOVE how it looks!
I made two small changes - I used worsted weight yarn from Darn Good Yarn, which is starting to be my go-to yarn. Their reclaimed silk cloud yarn and their banana fiber yarn is so great to work with.

Here are the pictures:

(adorable pants! Lol!)

All links are provided above.

I hope you like it! 

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