Monday, February 10, 2014

New location, New opening date, New skirt pattern!

Hello all!

So, remember that whole "Opening in Gastonia on 2/1/14"? Well, that didn't happen. I'm not even opening in Gastonia....
....BUT I am opening! In Charlotte!! April 19th!! Stay tuned for more info... I'm excited, mostly because right now my dining room is a yarn and furniture storage place...

Anyway, back to my new pattern. I've never made a skirt before, and I wanted some new skirts for Sunday service.

This is the yarn I used. I purchased 10 skeins on eBay some time last year, and I thought it would make a nice skirt. I thought about using some of thousands of skeins of acrylic yarn I have, but I wanted to change it up a little. 

The pattern is rather easy - just like the last one. I started this on Saturday afternoon, and although I had to play chauffer with my children after service, I was still able to finish it today. I LOVE the fit and the color - I will definitely make this in other colors. 

So here's the pattern for the "4122" skirt. 
Now the size is done more by measuring the first chain around your waist, so I can't tell you how many skeins you will need to use. I will tell you that I'm a size 1X, and I used 6 complete skeins of yarn (I have not a scrap left over - and I like it that way). So, if you're smaller, you know you won't need more than 6 skeins. 

It's called "4122" because that's the way you work the rows to get the design you see. It's not an "in your face" type of design, but you can see it, and I think it gives the skirt a little character. 

4122 skirt
For 1X, you need:
6 skeins (620 yards) of Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles yarn (or any worsted weight yarn)
J/10 6mm hook
Yarn needle

Abbreviations (US terms):
blo - back loops only
ch - chain
hdc - half double crochet
sk - skip
sc - single crochet
slst - slip stitch
st - stitch
sp - space
trc - triple or treble crochet

Chain as many as will fit around your waist. For 1X, I chained 126. Measure the ch around your waist, increase or decrease ch as needed. 
Row 1: hdc in second chain from hook, hdc in each ch to end. Turn. 
Row 2: ch 2 (counts as first hdc), hdc in BLO in each hdc to end. Turn. 
Row 3-4: Repeat row 2. Turn. 
Row 5: ch 4 (counts as first trc), trc in blo in each st to end. Turn. 
Row 6-7: Repeat row 2. Turn. 
Row 8-9: repeat row 5. Turn. 
Repeat this pattern (rows 1-7) until desired length. My skirt is 32 rows. Skirt should end with four rows of hdc.
Fold skirt on wrong side and sew ends together using yarn needle. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Ruffle bottom (optional):
Start where the ends were sewn together, ch 4. Three trc in each st to end. Sl st in top of ch 4 space. Fasten off, weave in ends. 

Start on other end where ends are sewn together, ch 2. Sc in each st to end. Slst in top of ch 2 space. 
Rd 2: ch 3, sk st, *hdc in blo of next st, ch1, sk st*, repeat ** to end. Slst in ch 2 sp of ch 3.  
Rd 3: ch 3, hdc in each ch 1 sp to end. Slst in ch 2 sp of ch 3. 
Rd 4: ch 4, trc in next 4 st, *ch 1, sk st, trc in next 5 st*, repeat ** to end. Slst in top of ch 4 sp. Fasten off, weave in ends. 

For the drawstring, ch 40 more than your original chain (the one for your waist). You can sc through the ch if you want, or leave it as is. Weave it through the ch 1 spaces of rd 4 in the waistband. 

You can also use a store bought belt or ribbon - your ch 1 spaces should be wide enough. 

That's it! 

Easy, right? 

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